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Destress & Relax Package

Destress & Relax Package

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L-Theanine, Relaxation Formula & Probio Level #2

Studies show that physical and psychological stress have the ability to disrupt the body's immune function which may make us more susceptible to certain illnesses. During this time of uncertainty,  it is important for us to find ways to manage and reduce stress levels. In addition to eating plenty of colorful vegetables and fruits, getting adequate sleep, and practicing mindfulness techniques such as meditation, breathing or guided imagery, the following items may help ease anxiety, promote sleep and support the gut microbiome where most of our immune system “lives.”

L-theanine: A natural amino acid supplement used to ease anxiety, promote sleep and improve mood without causing drowsiness.

Learn more about L-theanine


Relaxation Formula: An innovative formula containing GABA and other ingredients that promote a calm, relaxed, well-balanced emotional and physiological state.

Learn more about Relaxation Formula


Probio Level 2: A four-strain probiotic blend that provides beneficial bacteria to promote a healthy gut microbiome

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